Online Interview

What is your priority as a Christian?

It has to be my walk with God. I am glad that it was taught and emphasized while I was still young in the Lord.

What is your priority as a Pastor?

Studying, teaching and preaching the Bible. The salvation of unbelievers and the discipleship of believers is a bigger thrill for me than an amusement park on a sunny summer day.

What is your practice in Bible study?

I am disciplined in study and try to look at both sides of an issue before coming to a conclusion. The hardest part of study is making it practical for those who need it the most. I believe people need the “building blocks” of faith rather than spiritual fads.

What version of the Bible do you prefer?

I use the KJV in study and teaching. I trust it to be an “every word” Bible (Matt. 4:4). I have memorized 63 of its chapters. I am patient with the NKJV, since it comes from the same texts.

What periodicals do you subscribe?

I like reading “Leadership” magazine for its benefit to ministry, “Discipleship Journal” for its devotional emphasis, and “Teaching Kids” for its ideas in reaching the younger generation.

What are your hobbies?

I have been a runner most of my life, probably logging over 20,000 miles. I enjoy writing poetry to minister to the needs of others. I have recently joined the Sudoku puzzle craze to keep my mind sharp. Will I ever turn to golf? God knoweth.

Do you regret pastoring small churches?

Not at all! 80 percent of all churches have under 100 people. I believe the greatest preaching takes place in the small churches, but in our culture we only hear from the mega churches. The Bible wants us to be “good and faithful,” not “big and prosperous.”

What about your family?

I have been married for almost 30 years and counting, committed “til death do us part.” My three children are grown and living on their own, each of them with separate, promising careers.

Why work with soldiers and their families?

I was once a lonely teenage sailor during the Vietnam War. My chaplain was friendly, encouraging, and a rock of stability. During war time, service personnel need spiritual guidance, a friendly ear, and answers to their hard questions.

Why devote so much of your ministry working with children and teens?

The short answer is the potential that each one has for their life. At a young age values are formed, foundations are laid, and major decisions are made.

What is the greatest sermon you ever preached?

My life. Some has said, “People take your example far more seriously than your advice”. I do not find myself always being like Jesus, but many are forgiving when failures are acknowledged with honesty and humility. Sadly, there seems to be less forgiveness within the ranks of my own Christian family.

Are you a part of the “evangelical right”?

It is unfortunate that Christians have been identified as the political base of the Republican party. It is polarizing. It is divisive. Jesus chose apostles from different spectrum’s of life and even those who were in opposing political parties. The mission of Jesus was spiritual nor political. “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.” (Mark 12:17)

Do you favor a “traditional” church?

Tradition can give security, but is not an end in itself. I believe in creativity. God is creative and we are made in His image. Too often people are closed minded to creativity or too critical of tradition.


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