Ministry Experience

Since being baptized into the Roman Catholic Church as an infant, I was dedicated to serve God (as a priest).  As a sailor, I assisted the Catholic Chaplain with youth.  My desire to serve was magnified after salvation, with a call to preach around October of 1976.  Until I was in full-time service and while in Bible College, I built a bus route as a bus captain and a Sunday school class (5th & 6th grade boys) as a teacher.

As a Youth Pastor              1981-1983  

Teach teens and direct activities.  I also assisted in visitation and senior adult ministries.

As a Senior Pastor              1984-present 

Baptist Youth Fellowship moderator (6-8 churches)          6 years

Summer Camps                                                                               27 years                    Awana Commander                                                                          9 years                           YMCA Board of Trustees                                                               10 years               Volunteer Chaplain USARC                                                         10 years

Word of Life leader                                                                            5 years

Volunteer Chaplain, USAF                                                             5 years

American Legion Chaplain                                                              5 years

I have ministered the Word of God in jails, nursing homes, camps, city missions, hospitals, Christian schools, funeral homes, at death beds, weddings, churches, in homes or where ever else I could.


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