Career Timeline

1970-1972     Burger Chef-achieving position of Assist. Manager,                      Youngstown OH

1972-1976     US Navy, achieving E-5 and “Sailor of the Year”

1976-1977     Grocery Store Clerk, Youngstown OH

1977-1981     UPS Loader, Chicago IL

1977-1981     College, Bachelors and Master’s Degree

1981-1983     Youth Pastor, Youngstown OH

1984-1998     Senior Pastor, Faith Baptist Church, Enterprise WV

1986-present     Personal involvement in 50+ Youth camps

1991-1997     Baptist Youth Fellowship Moderator

1998-present     Senior Pastor, Christ Memorial Baptist Church, Warren OH

1998-2007     Awana Commander

2006-2012     Word of Life Leader

2009-present     Volunteer Chaplain at Youngstown Air Reserve Station

2009-present     American Legion Post 700 Chaplain


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