Holy Week

28 03 2015

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It is the time between Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday, often (and rightly) called “Holy Week”. good Friday is alsothe Passover, a time when Jews around the world celebrate the freedom from bondage they enjoy because of Jehovah’s intervention while their entire race was in Egypt. By the way, the Jew’s continual and documented existence after over 3,000 years is, in itself, a cause for celebration of divine favor. Resurrection Sunday is the first day of the week (Sunday) after Passover, except when there is a correction to the Jewish calendar to calibrate it with our Julian calendar. It very well could correspond to the time when the Red Sea parted and deliverance from bondage was finally realized.

Holy Week is a week of meditation and reflection on the cost of our freedom from the bondage of sin. It is a time of contemplating life and death issues. It is a week of gratitude as we celebrate the deliverance offered by trusting Jesus as our Savior.

Life comes and goes. It is like a vapor that appears for a little time, we are told in James 4:14. Thank God this week that we have hope because of the death-conquering resurrection of Jesus. Think about it this week.




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