All Hail King Jesus

27 02 2015

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The Apostle John is about 95, he is the last of the remaining Apostles. The early church is under severe persecution from the Roman Emperor Domitian. John himself is serving time at a penal colony on the Isle of Patmos. He writes to his beloved church in Ephesus and six other neighboring churches to encourage them to stand in the evil day (Ephesians 6:13).
John gets a glimpse of His resurrected Lord and beloved friend in the Book of Revelation, chapter one. John beholds the One he knew so well in the three years of public ministry, now he is awed by what he sees. Jesus comes on the scene as a King, preparing to claim His kingdom. All hail King Jesus!

“Hail to the King”- “to acclaim; approve enthusiastically”

His Titles

1. The Faithful Witness v.4- Prophet who revealed the Father
2. The First Begotten of the dead v.4- Conqueror who defeated death
3. The Prince of Kings v.4- Ruler over all the kingdoms of the world
4. The Alpha and Omega v.8- The first and last letters of the Greek alphabet; Isaiah 44:6
5. The Beginning and the Ending v.8- One who is sovereign in human history
6. The Lord v.8- One who possesses total supremacy
7. The Almighty v.8- One who possesses total power; omnipotent; used 48x in the OT to describe God

His Majesty

1. He loved us v.5- “He keeps on loving us” (present tense)
2. He washed us from our sin in His blood v.5- He removes the filth of our fallen nature
3. He made us kings and priests unto God v.6- He exalts us to dignity and holy service
4. He is visibly coming again v.7- He comes as a King to establish His kingdom
5. He will specifically reveal himself to the Jew v.7 (see also Zechariah 12:10)- Prompting them to repentance
6. He will cause many on the Earth to wail (mourn) v.7- Because of their rejection




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