A Prayer of Thanksgiving

25 11 2014

Eternal Father,

We set aside one day a year to express our gratefulness to you, an exercise that is worthy of our daily concern. We don’t know where to begin, so we start with being thankful for who you are. You are eternal,  you are are merciful, and you are love. Your ways are everlasting, your promises, mercies, salvation, love, and goodness, are everlasting. When we are find ourselves weak, discouraged, sick, ashamed, overwhelmed, or at the end of our rope; we find that underneath are the everlasting arms. You have offered to us eternal life so that our joy would be complete only in thee.

We are grateful for who you are to us. You are the water of life when we thirst, our Savior when we call, our Shepherd when we wander, our Healer when we are ill, our song in the night, our strength for the day, our rock in time of storm, our light when the way is dark, and our hope when our circumstances seem to have none. You are Father, one of the most precious titles that we have the privilege of addressing you. We collectively bring a spirit of gratefulness on this day of Thanksgiving.

We also look to the Hand that feeds us and thank you for the wants that you fill in our lives on a daily basis, many of which we overlook. You have nourished us, clothed us, and given us shelter. We live, move and have our being because of your grace. We thank you for the star filled nights of beauty, the rain, the seasons, the sunshine, and the health to enjoy it. We thank you for family, friends, and nation. We thank you for our employment, our abilities, and our freedom to worship you in spirit and in truth.

On this day in our yearly calendar, we gratefully acknowledge you, count our many blessings, and offer to you our praise. We ask this in the name of the One who is the same yesterday, today, and forever, the name of Jesus.





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