Us vs. Them?

4 10 2014

This is one of the first blogs I ever posted back in 2007. I feel it needs to be re-blogged in light of the horrible atrocities of Isis.

Pastor Dave

Ok I’ve had it! Since 9/11, I have had emails, newsletters, and Christian friends warning me of the menace of Islam. They demonize its followers and emphasize the destruction caused by those of the same faith. They misquote the Qur’an to their unlearned audience, even making up verses to prove their condemnation. These red-alert warnings appeal to my patriotism, my Christian heritage, and my rage at all the senseless killing by terrorists. Basically, I am told that I should be leery of all Muslims. I am led to believe that they are just waiting for the chance to slit my throat, having an agenda of world domination that will stop at nothing to achieve that goal.
As a born again believer and pastor of a local church, I reject and object to the barrage of hate that I am encouraged to have toward those who serve a god named Allah. I cannot find an example or teaching of Jesus that would promote such an attitude. I do not condemn anyone’s freedom of speech; my profession depends upon its responsible exercise. I appeal to fellow believers who need to react to this very divisive issue with more than just emotion. I appeal to the Scriptures and to common sense.


1. Muslims are part of our mission field
We are not commanded to go into all the world and express scathing condemnation to ¼ the of its inhabitants. We are called to preach the gospel, and properly representing our Savior to a lost world. Paul even used the religion of others to his advantage (Acts 17:23).

2.Live peaceably with those who do not convert.
I am firmly established in my faith; I will not change and would die for my faith if necessary. Many who adhere to Islam feel just as strongly. We are to live peaceably (Romans 12:18) with all men, if possible. We are not to push the issue with those who will not hear. Sometimes it is good to trust the quiet work of the Holy Spirit.

3. As a nation, we do have an enemy.
We cannot stereotype and condemn all Muslims because of the actions of a few. We are not at war with the billion people of Islam, but the minority of Islamo-fasists who wish to be the spokesmen for their faith, intimidating their own people. They want to annihilate the “great Satan” of Western civilization. If gone unchecked, this enemy will spread terror, death, and senseless destruction that would make Baghdad look like a Sunday School picnic, Wisdom is our first line of defense, not weapons (Ecclesiastes 9:14-18) although arms must sometimes be used to oppose evil (Romans 13:3).

4. Senseless condemnation is unwise
“He that passes by, and meddles with strife belonging not to him, like one that takes a dog by the ears” (Proverbs 26:17). Senseless condemnation of Islam is a great recruiting tool for terrorism. It’s not a big deal if a Muslim takes his oath of office on the Qur’an. He believes those who preceded Muhammad have corrupted the Bible. I am not saying we walk on eggshells among Muslims to the point of apologizing for our faith, just don’t go out of your way to denounce and lambaste theirs.

5. Urge the majority to speak up
I heard little condemnation of 9/11 by those of the Muslim community in America. There is a great need of peace-loving leaders of Islam to step up to the plate. Allowing terrorists to represent their faith is an insult.

I could rightfully be accused of not having all the answers. I could even be accused of supporting Israel, since I am from a Judeo-Christian heritage. My stepfather is Jewish. I realize that Islam’s animosity against Israel goes deeper than our modern quick-fix political solutions could handle. I do not give Israel a free pass to react, but neither should Islam teach children to hate Jews. This blog will more than likely trigger passionate responses from both sides of the debate. I only encourage my evangelical brethren to Christ likeness and common sense in these very volatile last days.




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