Gadgets and God

12 09 2014
I get distracted easily. I can not multitask yet do not count that lack as a bad thing. I can focus on one thing and everything else is a distraction. I am not the only one; that’s why texting while driving is a bad idea. The biggest distraction today seems to be our devices, in whatever form. Since I grew up with transistor radios, Black and White TVs, and phones attached to cords, I can be a little more objective about our addiction to the “device” or  its first cousin, social media . Of course, this very blog post is an indication that I know the value of such technology. It is a wonderful tool! But it is only a tool and not a lifestyle.
Its pull is stronger than we would care to admit and our time on such devices probably rivals or surpasses a 40 hour work week. Whenever there is a spare moment, the phone is pulled out of pocket or purse and given our utmost attention. There is no “down time”. I can see it to be a distraction to our time of stillness, meditation, and quietness before God.Google is replacing the Bible as a place to find answers and social media is replacing time spent with our heavenly Father. Check out theses observations by someone much younger than I…
By Brady Boyd

I got to work a few days ago and realized I’d left my phone at home. The all-out search that proved futile and the ensuing overwhelming angst I experienced were significant. I think I was more distraught than if I’d misplaced one of my children. How am I going to get through this day without my phone? I thought.

A different kind of call was coming in, even as I searched for the device. It was a call from God: “Come to me, and I will give you rest.” Of course I didn’t pick up.

God tried again: “Lay your burdens down, child. Walk with me, and your walk will be burden-free.” To which I didn’t respond. Again.

God stays the course: “I want you to be fascinated not with trinkets, but with me.” Still, no response.

Ever-patient, ever-persistent, God went for it a fourth time: “Slow down. Look up. Linger here with me.”

It was then I thought I heard something. Wait. Was that the voice of God?

But then, I hear a subtle ding from my phone, which had been in my laptop bag the entire time. The ding was alerting me to a text message that had just arrived. My thumb couldn’t help itself—it was itching to swipe. As I reached for my phone, all attention focused on that new text, I simultaneously scored one for the enemy of my soul.

Technology is not a bad thing in itself, but when we’re more tuned into our iPhone alerts than to our Creator, it’s a problem.




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