Baseball and the Existence of God

13 08 2014
This is an interesting take by blogger Andrew Crigler.
Pastor Dave

Worn baseball with broken stitching

This post is expounding on a fellow blogger’s work, “Richard Dawkins’ Attempt to Destroy Science.” Now that’s kinda mean, but the main point that Andy Rhea talks about in his post is the Problem of Infinite Regression. Basically, in non-boring terms, that means if God made everything, didn’t someone have to create God? Who created God created God created God etc.? Or as Richard Dawkins says in his book “The God Delusion,” “…the designer hypothesis immediately raises the larger problem of who designed the designer.”

Except for not. See, we’ve never seen anything come from nothing. If we keep retrograding on who created blah blah, or so and so, and so on, we’ll never get anywhere. The absolute fact is that nothing can come from nothing. Everything must come from something. Therefore, something must have always been. If nothing ever existed then nothing else would either.

The facts are thus:

  1. Stuff exists.
  2. Stuff doesn’t come from not-stuff.
  3. Something had to make stuff for stuff to be stuff.
  4. That something couldn’t be made from nothing.
  5. That something must have always been.

J. Warner Wallace has an amazing podcast on this in which he quotes many Atheistic scientists who agree. The problem Dawkins has with his statement is simply that he’s going against science. It’s just incorrect.

It’s a little bit like me saying, “WHO THREW THIS BASEBALL AT MY HEAD?” and someone responding, “Well who made baseballs? Baseball companies. But who made baseball companies? People. Who made people? The universe. Who made the universe? God. Well who made God? No one! See, God and baseballs don’t exist.” Wouldn’t that drive you batty (’cause. . . ’cause. . . is baseball joke)? A baseball definitely just hi-fived my face. Pretty sure they exist. They had to come from somewhere. Everything did. And That somewhere can’t be nowhere.

Good ol’ blogger John Pennel over at Faith at the Crossroads just did a sweet and simple article on this as well called, “Why I Am a Christian Part Two: Because There is Stuff” and another post called, “Why is There Something and Not Nothing?” He talks about the laws of thermodynamic etc. Yay blogging team work!

Listen guys, even The Big Bang theory requires that space, time, matter, and energy all exist. That’s a lot of stuff that even Atheists must start with. What Dawkins has here is a logical fallacy. Mostly, I think he just doesn’t like baseball.

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