From Groan to Wow

22 07 2014
Life is hard, the blood of Jesus does not give us a free ride through pain all the way up to heaven. Many times we will groan under the weight of the burden we are called to bear. We often claim that our burden is too hard to bear…and we groan. All have experienced the groan (Romans 8:23), living does that to you. Only the believer can experience hope through that groan (Romans 8:24-25). Praise the Lord. Have hope dear suffering child of God. 
Pastor Dave

The Groan

There is at the center of reality a groan. And the closer to the center you live, the more you will hear it and the more you will share in it: the center of creation, the center of the church, the center of ministry, the center of those things that belong to the people of God, and the center of the human race. The closer you move there, the more you will hear the groan- the more you will share the groan. And you will recognize it…Paul says that the groan in creation, in us, in God, is a groan not of death, not the death throes; but a groan of childbirth. God is giving birth to something new. God is doing something fresh. God is creating new heaven, new earth, and by the time I have mastered the groan, I will have to exchange it- for a WOW!
– Fred B. Craddock





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