1 06 2014

So many don’t realize the sacrifice!

The 70th anniversary of the largest land invasion in the history of the planet is this Friday June 6th. Since December I have been planning for an event that will recognize this war effort and honor all WW2 veterans. Not many are left, so it is now or never. I have a number of D-Day veterans giving a first-hand account of the action. There will be a great Community band playing patriotic music, a greeting by our congressman, special recognition for the Ravenna Arsenal (a WW2 ammunition assembly base). The commander of the Arsenal is the main speaker.

I guess one of the highlights is a motorcycle escort of all WW2 vet through Ravenna Arsenal led by the Legion Riders and followed by anyone in the community who would like to participate!

I have asked a good share of young people about D-Day, and they did not have a clue. Let’s do it for them. Let’s get them there to the 6PM Ceremony at Champion High School. Woe be to us if we let this greatest generation pass away into the twilight without letting them know that we will never forget.

Pastor Dave









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