40 Days of Awe

22 04 2014

We know what happened on Resurrection Day, but what happened for the next 39 days? Jesus was on Earth 40 days after the Resurrection. Just like the first 30 silent years of Jesus’ life, these 40 days fill my imagination with wonder. Why did He stay for 40 days? Where did He go? What did He eat? What did He do with His shed blood? Did He revisit Calvary, His mother, His siblings, Simon of Cyrene who carried his cross? I can’t wait to get to heaven and learn about that in which the Scriptures are silent. We can know at least 6 things about these 40 days of awe…

1. There were 11 recorded appearances
2. The only recorded appearances are to believers
3. There are many unrecorded appearances (John 20:29-30)
4. They were not continual appearances, but sporadic
5. The purpose was to give “many infallible proofs” of the Resurrection
6. “Forty Days” seems to indicate the completion of a divine mission and the beginning of a new era

Search the Scriptures, see if these things are so…and begin your post Resurrection journey! Remember, His Kingdom is coming when those forty days will become the norm.




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