Pastoral Prayers- 3

10 04 2014

February 2, 2014


God of Israel, God of gods, God forever and ever; we humbly come to you through the Blood of Jesus. We come before you in prayer, knowing that Jesus has never left your presence in prayer for us. We come realizing that the Holy Spirit is a prayer partner with us, making intercession when words fail us. We come with reverence and boldness to your throne of grace. We speak to you as a Father and yet we bow before you as Maker. We are your creation and yet we are your children.

We ask thee as a loving parent to reveal the wood hay and stubble of our own insincere motives, and the sin which so easily besets us. Purge us from those creature-comforts that are nearer to us than you are to us. Forgive us for the many times we have come to you in prayer, but we asked amiss that we might consume the answer on our own lusts. In wisdom you did not answer. In love you have shown us that the refusal was a grace that was much more than an answer.

Today we echo the words of our Savior, “not as I will, but thy will be done”. We bless thee, the Rock that is higher than us. We bless thee that your ways higher than our ways; we submit to your ways. We bless thee that you have never left us nor forsaken us in spite of ourselves. We bless thee that thou hast faithfully kept thy promises. You give exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.

We pray that you raise up more intercessors at the Christ Memorial Baptist Church to stand between the living and the dead. We pray that you would set free those who are not saved and still held captive by the enemy in their sin. We pray that you help our children, teens, adults, and absentees, to grow in grace. Let the church prosper and be as a light set on a hill.

Give our president direction in his myriad duties, give our Senators and Representatives wisdom. Let wars end and peace prevail. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Keep our city safe.

Above all, we desire your presence so that we may give glory to your Son

We ask this in His wonderful name





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