Pastoral Prayers- 1

16 03 2014

January 19, 2014

 Dear Jehovah, our God, You are the “I am” of  Moses’ burning bush. You are ever present in time and eternity. You delight to hear our prayers as we lift up our voice. You are “I am”: personal, compassionate, and active in our lives as a father. As our Shepherd, we shall not want. As our Savior, you bid us come. As our Lord, you command and we joyfully respond.

Heavenly Father, we come as your children. We are in the world but not of the world, but forgive us of the times when we chose the things of the world over you. Forgive us of the times when we wanted to satisfy the flesh more than we wanted to be satisfied in doing your will. Forgive us when we chose the love of money, materialism, vengeance, lustful passions, evil speaking, cyber addiction, and self-glory. Sanctify us through your truth.

Lord, we are the called-out assembly, the church. We are the light set on a hill and when we move, the gates of hell shall not prevail against us. Yet Lord, we profess weakness so we ask you to strengthen us. Keep us focused in spite of the chaos in our world and the cynicism in our city. Forgive us of the times when Jesus was not preeminent in the pulpit, among the leaders, children, teens, and adults. As we move into 2014, meet the needs of CMBC. Give our deacons and trustees your mind. Revive us to be instruments in your hands.

We pray for those who are sick among us, discouraged, or seeking your will. In 2014, keep us in your Word. Save the lost and keep them restless until their soul rests in you.

We pray for other churches in our city that preach your Word and seek the salvation of the lost. Fill them, bless them, and use them.

We pray for our nation; its president, congress, and Supreme Court. Keep our troops safe and bring them home soon. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Use the missionaries we support in a powerful way.

Now Lord, let the words of our mouth and the meditation of our heart be acceptable in thy sight. May we lift up holy hands in worship to you. Let the light of your countenance be upon us.

We ask this all in the name of Jesus







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16 03 2014

Love this ~ Powerful prayer and thank you for posting.

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