Pastoral Prayers- 2

14 03 2014

January 26, 2014

   Our Father…so often in prayer we ask for our own self, we rightfully  request our daily bread…we ask you to bless us…yet we do not hallow Thy name. Right now we want to worship your name. You are Elohim, creator of heaven and earth. Eternal. Unchanging. Almighty. All knowing. All present. You are Jehovah, the great I am. Holy. Just. Justifier. Gracious. Loving. You are Adonai, the Lord of heaven and earth. Master. Worthy. Personal. Protecting.

With all our heart, soul and mind we ascribe to you the glory and worship that you deserve. Our greatest joy is just being in your presence. We quieten ourselves now and breathe the deep fresh air of your presence. You are there, blessing us with strength, healing, peace, mercy, supply, forgiveness, and nurturing. Let our songs rise up in worship to you as a sweet incense. May our life reflect gratitude and may complaints be few.

Create in us a clean heart lest we mar the intimacy of this sacred moment. Help us to walk in holiness. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit, convict us empower us, embrace us, and lead us. Deliver us evil and lead us not into temptation. May your promises wash over us as we read them in the pages of your Word.

We ask that you give a special anointing to those who were elected into church office yesterday. Give them the wisdom to execute their office well. We pray for our teachers, our small group leaders, the van drivers, music team, youth workers, and those who minister with their tithes and offerings. Bless our fellowship together not only on the Lord’s Day, but also during the week.  Touch those that are sick, those who are suffering mental anguish, the unemployed, and those needing direction in a decision they need to make. Save the lost that are in our midst and those we are yet to meet. Bless every church that preaches the gospel in and around this city.

We pray for our city: our mayor, councilmen, and judges. Protect our police, fire, and on these cold days, even our sanitation workers. May you be pleased to bless our businesses and grant us a higher employment rate. Give our schools sound wisdom and protect them from violence.

Finally, Lord, let us anticipate and await your return, for thine is the Kingdom and power and glory.






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