O Earth, Earth, Earth

26 02 2014

 O Earth, Earth, Earth, hear the word of the LORD.

Jeremiah 22:29

Sometimes we need to just be still and reflect on the great and awe-inspiring nature of God. We sometimes get so busy with the things of life that we just don’t have time to take in the wonder of it all. “God loves you” we often would say to someone who is having a bad day or one who has made decisions that caused them to end up on a road that they now regret. Yes, He does love you! As those in ballparks hold up a sign with “John 3:16” written in bold letters, I want to give freshness to the truth that “God so loved the world”.

I ran across a photo taken by the Mars rover, sent last year by NASA,  that shows part of the landscape of the red planet and a small glimpse of Earth in a night sky. We are the blue planet, although this picture is in black and white.


Small, isn’t it?

To us, Earth is our life; acquiring more space, things, power, or pleasure  on Earth is a priority. Really? Look at it again to get a “bigger picture” of your priorities. Instead of giving me a sense of insignificance, it gives me an awe in a God so big who “so loves the world”.

Think about our little orb in the context of the vastness of the universe…

  1. It is environmentally created to support a rare commodity called life.
  2. It supports a superior race called the human race.
  3. This human race has a love for music, enjoys beauty, has a built-in sense of the eternal, and knows (somehow) there is more to this life than what we see. We can create the most amazing things, we love, we can understand and we want  better for ourselves. We have vision, the ability to acquire wisdom, and a sense of justice. Why? Why only us? Because we are created in the image of God! 
  4. Unfortunately, there is also evil on the planet. Out of all places in the universe, Earth was chosen by Lucifer as a battleground with those made in the image of the One he hates.
  5. Out of all the other planets, there are beings called angels sent to counteract the evil of the fallen angels. You could say that they exist in a parallel universe with us because they influence our world though the intervention of a world that we can not see.
  6. Out of all the other planets supporting life, God chose this one to send His Son to save those created in His image from the stupid choices they make  violating His holy nature.
  7. Out of all potential life forms in the universe, God chose the human race the opportunity to have an intimate relationship with Him through grace offered because of the sacrifice of His Son.

Feel special?  You are. Thank the God of the universe, you are.




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