WW2 Vets- Never Forget

24 02 2014

Our WW2 vets are passing off the scene. If there is a time to give a collective “thank-you”, it is now. This June 6th is the 70th anniversary of D-Day. It is an ideal time to honor the 10% of vets who are still alive and for us to remember the ones who have passed. They never talked about the war because it was so brutal.This clip is actual footage of from WW2. Watch it and then go to a local nursing home and give our vets a heart-felt “thank-you”.

Pastor Dave

WW2 Kamikaze Attack on USS Laffey
The most fierce kamikaze attack in naval history,
but the men of the Greatest Generation kept their ship afloat. 
Watch how low some of these attacks were. 
Very hard to hit incoming aircraft at this profile.
Amazing film footage… NOT scripted; actual sights…
One side fighting to die, the other, fighting to live….




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