Listen to the Bible!

12 02 2014

Since I was a young believer, I have listened to the Word of God. Mostly cassettes. I have played them in my car, on my Walkman when I went out for a run, during my private devotions, or when I was already reading the Bible and needed the audio for extra focus. I memorized over 150 chapters of the Bible by hitting the rewind button over and over, and over….

We are told in Romans 10:17,  “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” So why not hear it? Before  the printing press, that was about the only option.  Today we have so many ways to listen to the Bible! I listen to it on an MP3 Bible called “Now Bible”. It even has a screen with the words on it if I want to see them also. It has a Bible dictionary, yearly reading plans, and even space for my favorite commentary. You can download an app for your I-Phone called “YouVersion” with a ton of different versions, many of which have audio. If you want CD’s for your car or home player, yep, they are available.

It will surprise you  about the power of the ear. Besides, it sure beats a lot of the music and talk-shows on the radio. Andy Naselli agrees with its value. Read on…


Three Tips for Better Bible Reading


 Listen to audio-Bibles.

by Andy Naselli

When you listen to an audio-Bible, you’ll be surprised how quickly the time goes by and how much of the Bible you “read.”

Sometimes I listen while doing other tasks such as driving or cleaning or running, but I’ve found it to be incredibly profitable to listen while following along in a different English translation (or in the original languages). Listening to a different version than you are reading helps keep you engaged as you inquisitively consider various renderings. The pace is so fast that you miss all sorts of nuances, but you gain a valuable macro-perspective.

Audio-Bibles work well for the Bible’s many styles of literature, though they work best for stories as opposed to proverbs or letters. This is evident when listening to dramatized audio-Bibles (such as my family’s favorite: The Bible Experience). But it’s worth remembering that the congregations whom Paul addressed in his letters typically listened to Paul’s letters and did not own personal copies of them.

You might want to get started by downloading some free audio-Bibles from “Faith Comes by Hearing.”




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