Loving God with all your …mind

22 01 2014

I am not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. I often gasp in wonder at the great teachers and thinkers in the church universal.  I am glad that they are on “my side” because “there are many adversaries” (1 Corinthians 16:9). I study the writings of these great men and women of God and try to apply them to my life and to my preaching. I could never communicate their depth but  try to add insight that I would not discover on my own.

I do not find such devotion to study among believers and even my preacher brethren. We are spoon-feeding a generation whose learning is from sound-bytes, the 140 characters of Twitter, and mindless reality shows. I know about using the milk of the Word and the meat of the Word, but I also know the importance of weaning our youth off the bottle and move on to the weightier issues of faith. We are satisfied with “dumbing-down” our preaching to accommodate the standards of a generation who will be checking out their Facebook page in church if they get bored. I know preachers who “wing it” every Sunday and call it spontaneous Spirit preaching. I call it laziness.

If we do not reach the heart, soul, and mind, we are missing the mark of becoming like Jesus, overcoming temptation, and resisting the attacks of Satan. I present a edited blog from A. Maeve McDonald to emphasize this important issue.

Touchy-Feely Faith that Neglects the Mind

The importance of loving God with all our minds is overlooked in a dumbed-down Christian culture that relishes sound-bite theology and fleeting ah-ha moments in our Twitter feed. In addition, the growing emphasis on feeling-experiences in the Christian culture reflects the pattern-behavior of this world—patterns we are specifically taught not to conform to! (Romans 12:1).  Leading emotion-driven lives and “following one’s heart” is indeed the modus operandi of a worldly culture.The hedonistic environment in which we live, is also fertile ground for self-serving lies to flourish such as, “if it feels good, it is good.” And as followers of Christ, we should reject this worldly pattern of behavior vehemently.

Basing one’s life decisions and priorities on feelings, or following one’s heart, certainly has fatal pitfalls; the Bible teaches clearly that the heart (in biblical Hebrew, the heart is a metaphor for the seat of emotions) is deceitful above all things (Jer 17:9) and is naturally wicked (Gen 8:21). Hence, the heart, when left in its original condition, contaminates one’s whole life and character (Matt 12:34; Matt 15:18). The Bible teaches that the heart must be changed and regenerated (Eze 36:26; Eze 11:19; Psa 51:10), before we can willingly obey God. 

Jesus said: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind” (Matt 22:37). In this, the first and greatest of God’s commandments, we learn that loving God involves a cognitive grasp of who He is (through His Word), coupled with our heart response to the transformative power of the gospel, for a faith that will endure with our souls forever. 




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