5 must-read books by C.S. Lewis

6 12 2013

I have read four out of five and recommend C.S. Lewis to my thinking Christian Friends. Start with Mere Christianity. You have probably seen the Narnia movies. Be ready for surprisingly clear, creative, and novel ways of looking at faith and life. These suggestion are from the blog “Pastor Matt’.

Pastor Dave


Clive Staples Lewis went to be with the Lord fifty years ago today.  His death went largely unnoticed at the time because he passed on the same day that JFK was assassinated in Dallas.  According to those close to him, Lewis was relieved to leave this life and claim the righteousness that had been granted him by Christ.  He had been in a prolonged coma after watching his wife die. He had also spent decades caring for an alcoholic brother and was shunned by his peers at Oxford for daring to be an outspoken Christian and write popular level books.  Nearly all of his books have made an incredible impact for the Kingdom of God.  Here are five that every Christian should read before joining our brother Lewis in heaven.

5. The Problem of Pain (Cententary Press 1940).  A very good theodicy that should be read in conjunction with A Grief Observed (Faber and Faber 1961), which was written after the death of his wife. So, I guess I snuck in 6 books.

4. The Weight of Glory (SPCK 1941).  The transcript of a powerful sermon containing Lewis’ “argument from desire,” which I think many Christian apologists undervalue as a tool for evangelism.

3. The Screwtape Letters (Geoffrey Bles 1942).  A series of letters between an elder and young demon on their work.  It was a revelation once I came to Christ and realized how easily I had been led from my creator. A quick but powerful read.

2. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (Geoffrey Bles 1950).  Perhaps the greatest children’s book ever written.  My elder sister read it to me as a boy.  The image of the powerful lion Aslan haunted me during my atheism.  I thank God He blessed me with the time to read it to my son as well.  A masterpiece.

1. Mere Christianity (Macmillan 1952).  If you have to pick one to read, this is it.  This book, the culmination of radio addresses delivered during World War II, has been used by the Lord to convert Charles Colson and Dr. Francis Collins.  Writer Donald Miller claims to read it every year.  I don’t blame him.  I’ve read it at least a half-dozen times and, Lord willing, will read it again.

The fact is, you can’t go wrong with anything written by Lewis.  God used him in a wonderful way but He didn’t grant the Oxford Don an easy life.  Yet, he is surely without worry today.  I certainly look forward to sharing many days in the new heavens and new earth with C.S. Lewis–undoubtedly over pints and pipe smoke.

Grace and peace.




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