Driving Down the Stake

24 11 2013

It has been said that if you stand for nothing you will fall for anything. There is a modern trend to view doctrine as the “bad boy” of Christian unity. It goes something like this, “Let’s put aside our doctrine and just love one another.” That touchy-feelly approach does not square with the teaching of the Word of God (which is a doctrinal Book) and the mission of the church (to be the pillar and ground of truth-1 Timothy 3-15). Charles Spurgeon also had  issues with the type of believer who stands for nothing and falls for whatever contemporary trend is popular. A creed could be defined as “a brief authoritative formula of religious beliefs”.

Pastor Dave

On creeds and those who eschew them

Your weekly dose of Spurgeon
posted by Phil Johnson

o say that “a creed comes between a man and his God” is to suppose that it is not true; for truth, however definitely stated, does not divide the believer from his Lord. So far as I am concerned, that which I believe I am not ashamed to state in the plainest possible language; and the truth I hold I embrace because I believe it to be the mind of God revealed in his infallible Word. How can it divide me from God who revealed it? It is one means of my communion with my Lord, that I receive his words as well as himself, and submit my understanding to what I see to be taught by him. Say what he may, I accept it because he says it, and therein pay him the humble worship of my inmost soul.

I am unable to sympathize with a man who says he has no creed; because I believe him to be in the wrong by his own showing. He ought to have a creed. What is equally certain, he has a creed—he must have one, even though he repudiates the notion. His very unbelief is, in a sense, a creed.

The objection to a creed is a very pleasant way of concealing objection to discipline, and a desire for latitudinarianism. What is wished for is a Union which will, like Noah’s Ark, afford shelter both for the clean and for the unclean, for creeping things and winged fowls. Every Union, unless it is a mere fiction, must be based upon certain principles. How can we unite except upon some great common truths?




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