A Plea for Depth

12 11 2013

It is said that the church in America is a mile wide and an inch deep. We have the plush facilities, entertainment that rivals the world, and all the bells and whistles of worship (how did we ever worship God before electricity?). Preaching is getting to be a feel-good experience to help you make it through the week. When it comes to the defense of faith (heaven forbid if we use that word “apologetics”), many can not take a Bible and use it to justify a core doctrine or clarify a Christian world-view.

A number of years ago I read Nancy Pearcy’s book, “Total Truth” and would recommend it to you. It is a call to know the faith and not back down from opposition. It is not a work that will leave you with the warm and fuzzies, it will challenge you to to dig deeper into the Word of God. In this quote, she challenges Christian leaders to a greater depth

Pastor Dave

Nancy Pearcy on the Role of Pastors and Youth Leaders

“To be effective in equipping young people and professionals to face the challenges of a highly educated secular society, the church needs to redefine the mission of pastors and youth leaders to include training in apologetics and worldview.…Pastors must once again provide intellectual leadership for their congregations, teaching apologetics from the pulpit. Every time a minister introduces a biblical teaching, he should also instruct the congregation in ways to defend it against the major objections they are likely to encounter. A religion that avoids the intellectual task and retreats to the therapeutic realm of personal relationships and feelings will not survive in today’s spiritual battlefield.”




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