Benediction for Veterans Day, 2013

10 11 2013

Gracious Father, we acknowledge that you have been our hiding place in all our generations. You heard us when we cried in our distress, you graciously kept us safe and free. Without you we can do nothing; we thank you for being good to us as a nation. Thank you for this service of recognition for those in service who deserve our thank you.

Now we call upon you again to let your favor be upon our men and women in uniform who have volunteered to stand against evil, intent on our destruction.  Show favor on Korean War vets as we celebrate 60 years of the Armistice. Show favor to last of Doolittle raiders, who gave their final toast a few days ago. Show favor to those who will remember the 70th anniversary of D-Day, and the buddies they left behind. Show your favor on those who suffer physical and mental wounds in the defense of our freedom. Show your favor on our vets as they age, may they be an example of integrity, and patriotism. Let them be the peacemakers, fill them with wisdom and reason. Show favor to our Commander-in-Chief, those that make decisions in the Pentagon, our Congress, our Senate, our commissioned officers, our sergeants, and our 18 year old privates.

God, we ask you bless us and keep us. Make your face to shine upon us and be gracious to us. May you lift up your countenance upon us and give us peace.

God, in your grace, bless America.

We ask this in the Name of our Lord and Savior,





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