Addiction to Cellphones?

6 11 2013

It’s actually got a title: “nomophobia”. It was coined by the U.K. Post Office in 2008, derived from “no mobile phone”.  It is the fear of being without a working cellphone. How about you? Do you feel lost without a cell phone, perhaps nervous when it is not in reach? Leadership Journal in its Fall 2013 magazine published a study of our relationship to that high-tech wonder called the cell phone. Let’s see if you identify with the results…

  • People check their cellphones an average of 34 times per day
  • 66% of people fear losing or being without their cellphone
  • 77% of people between 18-24 years of age fear being without their cellphones
  • 75% of people use their cellphones in the bathroom
  • 30 %of people would rather leave the house without a credit card or cash than to leave without their cellphone
  • 55% of women would rather leave home without their makeup
  • 11% would rather leave home without their pants than their smartphones
  • 25% said they would physically fight a thief to get their phone back
  • 63% would climb through trash to find a lost cellphone

I own a cellphone, but it is a relativity new addition to my life. Some do not know life without one. Now that we are on the subject, let me give you some if my pet peeves about this hand-held, high-tech device.

  1. Do not answer your phone when you are talking to me. I happen to think that our conversation is important.
  2. Keep your hands on the wheel!  If you insist on the value of taking and making calls while driving, please get a hands-free device. You scare me.
  3. Do not check your Facebook during church. God should have your attention.
  4. Your ring tone is cute to you, but it is annoying to others, especially if it is too loud.
  5. Turn off your cellphone at weddings, funerals, meetings, and church.






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