In Memory, In Anticipation

24 10 2013

This is not a post that will impart a spiritual truth or guide someone to find hope in this troubling world. This post is written in memory of my sister-in-law, Linda Gennock (1954-2013). She died on Sunday of cancer. My wife and I were given a warm good-bye from her two days before her decease. We were in Florida to pay her a visit and are now back in Ohio. I see in Linda a wonderful example of grace.


Linda grew up in a home with 7 other siblings where love was demonstrated. She was an active member of the church that I attended after my hitch in the Navy. She was an active member of the youth group and within the security of that setting, found her first husband. Rick was a man with a strong Christian heritage and was a singer in a church quartet. Due to unfortunate circumstances, the marriage ended soon after the birth of her daughter. Instead of showing her understanding and support, the church showed her the door. Her divorce was judged as a sin worthy of censure and separation. As a result, she gave up on the church. About 7 years ago I officiated the marriage to her 2nd husband. She started coming to the church in which I am the pastor shortly afterwards. She found grace and acceptance, renewing her relationship with the God of her youth.


Linda is my age and we share many warm memories since I first met her about 35 years ago. She may have been hurt by the family of God but she was loved greatly by her earth-bound family and loved intensely by her Heavenly Father. We prayed before leaving her, committing her to the Lord for now and for eternity.


 Linda, thank you for your contribution to my life. You  are loved. See you later.




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