Syria, Then and Now

5 09 2013

Most Americans can not even find it on the map, but Syria is a very old country that has been an influence in many Biblical and world events.  It is a very large country situated Northeast of Israel, embracing the Mediterranean Sea and bordering Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq. It’s capital is Damascus, located 50 miles from Israel and 133 miles from Tel Aviv.  Aleppo is it’s largest city, 192 miles to the north of Damascus.

  1. The first mention of Syria is in Genesis 25:20
  2. Jacob’s (Israel’s) two wives and their two handmaids were Syrians
  3. Naaman, who was cured of leprosy by dipping seven times in the Jordan River was Syrian
  4. Elisha had many dealings with the Syrians, being a prophet of Northern Israel, not far from the Syrian border
  5. The Syrian language was a dominant language in Biblical times (Isaiah 36:11)
  6. Syria is mentioned in the Christmas story (Luke 2:2)
  7. Damascus is the Old Testament capital of Syria (Isaiah 7:8); Paul was saved on the road to Damascus and called to preach in Damascus

Now we face military involvement with this ancient land. Personally, I think it is unwise and a potential for long-term commitment of our troops. An attack will once again leave the United States as the world’s policeman. The soldiers sworn to protect the constitution of the United States will be called upon to take sides in a civil war that does not interfere with our sovereignty.

Pray for peace! Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, who are the biggest losers in this battle for control  of Syria. America may regret putting all its money on the wrong pony. May cooler heads prevail.




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