The Fifth Sparrow

29 07 2013

Do the math. Our Heavenly Father really does care about us! The depth of His concern is seen by comparing parallel object lessons from Matthew 10:29 and Luke 12:6. Notice especially the sparrows. In Palestine markets they sold as an article of food. They were of such little value that two sold for one farthing  (let’s say a dime). Now you would expect four would sell for two farthings, but when four were sold, the fifth sparrow was thrown in for nothing. The teaching highlights God’s care for the least and most insignificant of His creation. Two sparrows for one farthing speaks of a trite value. Four sparrows for two farthings are likewise trite. How would you like being the fifth sparrow?  We may get treated like a fifth sparrow, but we should never forget the immeasurable worth we have in the eyes of the Father.

Jesus teaches, “Do not fear if you get treated like the fifth sparrow. The Heavenly Father knows your name; He knows the number of hairs on your head. You are important to Him.”

Can I crunch the numbers for you and give you the bottom line of a proven and perfect accounting system?

  1. Not one is insignificant to God

It was the merchant who set the price of a sparrow. In our world, it is man who values or cheapens life. To God, all are priceless.

  1. Not one is forgotten by God

We are prone to forgetfulness. Sometimes people “fall through the cracks of our inattention, bureaucracy, or distraction. In God’s heavenly equation, no one factors out.

  1. Not one is independent of God

If He notices when the fifth sparrow falls to the ground, you can rest assured that He knows the load you are carrying and He cares. If you are not one of His, He longs for you to trust Christ as your Savior. He loves you; He is crazy about you: even if everyone else gives up on you.

Never underestimate the value and usefulness of the fifth sparrow. There is no insignificant person. Do the math.




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