Only in Comic Books

26 07 2013


It’s difficult to watch a person struggle with depression or to regret the life that they had been given. It’s difficult to see a person question the value of their very existence. It’s especially troubling when that person is a known spiritual leader. Welcome to the world of the prophet Jeremiah. He is the “Weeping Prophet” of the Old Testament. His message was bold and extremely unpopular. He suffered cruel mocking and imprisonment. We want to stop there and issue him an honorary doctorate for his faithfulness to the Word of God.

It’s difficult to read Jeremiah 20:14-18, where Jeremiah struggles with despair and discouragement. He regrets the very day he was born, and regards his ministry as consuming him with shame. His honesty is brutal. Not a great promo for those wanting to go into the ministry, is it? Sometimes we demand our spiritual leaders to somehow live transcendent of such weakness instead of transparent.

Perhaps we need wisdom from the 17th century commentator Matthew Henry: “Good men are men at best.” Superman only exists in comic books. Give spiritual leaders a break. Give them a hand.




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