Church Camp

24 07 2013

Next week I will be traveling to Michigan for Junior High camp at which I am the main speaker. The week after that I will taking another van of teens to Senior High camp. I lost count of the number of church camps at which I was an active participant. It’s closing in on 100, I’m sure. It’s a calling. I have been game leader, lifeguard, camp “nurse”, counselor, assistant director, kitchen help, grass mower, and speaker. I have taken all my children to camp since they were old enough to attend. It is the highlight of my ministry year.

So why is camp so exciting? I do not think that “exciting ” is really the right word to use; the excitement turned into intense labor and true ministry years ago. The children and teens measure a camp by excitement but I measure it by achievement. I saw God work in unmistakable ways at church camp; the closest thing that I have experienced to true revival. Perhaps because for five days we separate ourselves from the world…no TV, cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, radio, home tension, any kind of news, or peer pressure. We are surrounded by a stable and controlled environment, godly counselors, daily chapel, compassionate prayer among leaders, and a Bible emphasis. We come together on Monday as complete strangers, we leave Saturday as family. I am able to devote all my attention on the children or teens in my church and set up a bond that would other-wise be lacking. At summer church camp I have the privilege to take part in true ministry to desperate and needy souls.

I will leave Monday tired and arrive 6 hours later almost numb, but I will never lose the anticipation that God is going to move.  He never disappoints. Saturday is a day of victory/sadness me. It is in sadness that I have to leave this “family”, it is in victory realizing that they are so much better, stronger, and determined than when they first came to live for Jesus. If you have never experience church camp (I never did as a teen), I hope you could at least volunteer, you may find it a life-long obsession.




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