Hatred, racism, and rage

17 07 2013

I went on Twitter immediately after the verdict of the George Zimmerman/Treyvon Martin came from the press. The hate expressed, the threats made, and the raw emotions exposed was more than obvious. It was predominately directed against Zimmerman, the jury, the legal system, and the prosecutor. Riots in the street were predicted by sidewalk prophets and racial unrest guaranteed. Many have voiced an opinion on the outcome of the trial, usually delivered with a large dose of rage. The verdict brought out the worst of us and revealed a dormant racism that reminded me of the 1960’s.

I have heard and read hate speech from both sides of the verdict, disguised as being  “justified” by those who gave it (as if hate is justifiable). I know that the emotion will eventually give way to reason, but I am still concerned about the hate and racism simmering beneath the surface of our national fiber.

Where are the peacemakers? The ones who will rise to the top are not those with the sharpest tongues delivering the most rousing volley of rhetoric against the “other side”. The modern-day Martin Luther Kings’ will rise above the hatred, racism, and rage and remind us of a common relationship we have with one another. They will make our country stronger, they will make us proud of America, and they will spread hope. They are the men and women who will speak to our heart and not to our desire to lash out. Is the church of Jesus Christ at the forefront of demonstrating love, speaking peace, forging alliances, mediating arguments, understanding issues, inspiring hope, and praying for leadership? It should.




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