11 07 2013

Webster’s dictionary defines disappointment as “defeat or failure of expectation, hope, wish, desire, or intention.”It is something that Proverbs 13:12 says is a “hope deferred” or a desire not obtained, when that happens it, “maketh the heart sick”.Everyone has disappointments when our expectations are not met, we get discouraged or “heart sick”.

Our trouble is not that we get disappointments, but how we handle them once they come.Not handling them well cause’s marriages to fail, teens to want to end their life, substance abuse, depression, even bitterness at God.Disappointments cause dreams to crumble or sometimes to never get off the ground.We don’t have to let our disappointments become destructive!Consider some of the disappointments that Abraham Lincoln must have had…

1831Failed in business

1832 Defeated for legislature

1833Again failed in business

1834Elected to legislature

1835Sweetheart died

1836Had nervous breakdown

1838Defeated for speaker

1840Defeated for elector

1843Defeated for Congress

1846Elected to Congress

1848Defeated for Congress

1855Defeated for Senate

1856Defeated for Vice-President

1858Defeated for Senate


I would venture to say that Lincoln’s disappointments did not ruin him, but possible made him into one of our greatest president!Our lives will never cease to have disappointments, so how can we handle them?If we don’t handle them, they will handle us!

1. Be patient with yourself

Our greatest disappointment is probably with ourselves.Perhaps we live under the cloud of a bad decision, or perhaps the weight of a past failure.Our desires for life have never materialized and we wonder if they ever will.Be patient with yourself!If you lose your patience, you will give up hope of even trying to overcome a disappointment.

2. Prepare to be disappointed with people

No one can ever meet your expectations 100% of the time, they are bound to disappoint you sooner or latter.It’s in our nature.If only one person prepares for disappointment, the other will be offended.If neither prepares for disappointment, they will never talk to each other again.If both prepare to be disappointed, you will build a mutual respect and appreciation.

3. Keep your goals within reach

I am a runner who has logged 1000’s of miles in my adult life.I am a goal-oriented person.Although I believe goals can motivate you to reach your potential; I have also found that setting them too high can lead to discouragement and even quitting all together at trying to improve.This principle can be applied to many facets of life such as dieting, exercise, finances, child rearing, and even marriage.

4. Don’t put your hope in circumstances

Circumstances change.What you hope for today may not be what you hope for tomorrow.Sometimes the good circumstances that you hope for (like hitting the lottery or landing a dream job) never come to pass.Often bad circumstances (like poor health or sudden accident) bring us to the point of despair.You need to put your hope in the One who is higher than circumstances.Your faith is to be matured, for it will give you hope in spite of what circumstances may do. Go to church, read your Bible, pray.This will go a long way in keeping disappointments from dominating you.

You won’t stop disappointments, learn to deal with them.Seek the advice of others if they seem to be overwhelming you.Keep the faith.




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