3 05 2013

Have you ever noticed that the weakest member of the human body is the tongue? It often operates at the wrong time, saying the wrong things; it also leads to damage and regret. Sometimes it is completely out of control! It’s a shame that it is often the only relief valve for stress that we have.
In Psalm 39:13, David is under a lot of pressure. He is stressed out and did his best not to use his tongue as the relief valve. As he thought about these problems, his internal thermometer got hotter. Then he blew a gasket, which only made matters worse. When we lose control of the tongue friendships end, marriages are endangered, children live in fear, sleep is lost, and guilt hangs over you like a cloud. We blame the circumstances, but that only gives us a free pass to do it again when we feel the circumstances prove it. There has to be a better way!


1. Learn to laugh (Proverbs 17:22
The Bible teaches that a merry heart is like a medicine. It’s not just medication for a broken body, but also a stressed out mind! Laughter will not end your problems, but it will help you handle the stress; give you a stronger marriage, with fewer ulcers, and less heart aches. I have heard that POW’s with a sense of humor are 5 times more likely to survive. I have noticed that the ones who stay under the circumstances are bitter and their words become like venom.
2. Learn to sing (Psalm 77:6)
When the Psalmist was so troubled that he could not sleep, he sang a favorite song that had ministered to him in the past. In the New Testament, Paul and Silas were chained to a jailhouse wall, yet they sang and praised God. When I minister to the dying, I often pass out hymn books to the family and sing. It is a relief valve for the soul.
3. Lear to praise (I Thessalonians 5:18)
We are rightfully thankful for the blessings when they come, but how many praise God when trouble comes and life is hard? We are told in everything give thanks, for this is the will of God. He created us, He knows how we are wired, and He gives this instruction for our own benefit!
4. Learn to give (Acts 20:35)
Jesus taught that is was more blessed to give than to receive. We get it mixed up, when we get stressed, we give people grief and not blessing. When we get depressed we eat, or shop, or medicate our self with alcoholic beverage. Those are only temporary relief valves. Try giving to someone who will be taken totally by surprise! Bob Hope (a true American Treasure!) has said, “Laughter is an instant vacation. Giving is a two-week cruise – with pay.”
5. Learn to pray (Philippians 4:6)
As soon as David blew that gasket, he prayed. It was a reset button that acknowledged his need to trust the One who was above all of his circumstances. When life seems out of control, we need to run to the One who has total control. Of course, the most effective prayer is going to God in weakness and trusting Him to save you from your sin through the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ.




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