Lock down?

19 04 2013

So one bombing suspect is dead and one on the loose. He could be armed and even wearing a suicide vest. The coverage has been non-stop, trying to make news where there is none. People are being interviewed who have some type of acquaintance with the bomber. Boston is on lock down. Just a few thoughts…

  1. Thank you FBI, Boston Police, Massachusetts State Police, AFT, Homeland Security. You rock. I  feel safe because of your vigilance.
  2. Thank you for not giving in to the media feeding frenzy.
  3. One 19-year-old has brought  Boston to a stand still.  Is this not the real purpose of terrorism? One young man putting his life on the line to inflict the most possible damage to the psyche of Americans.  Other bad guys are watching.
  4. An entire city is in “lock down”. Is this a preview of things to come in other cities?
  5. What is this doing to the people of Boston who bravely defy terrorism one day and then forced to cower to it the next?
  6. Pray for justice. Stand up for freedom. God bless America.



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