Freshness in Prayer

13 04 2013

” Call unto Me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not. “—Jeremiah 33: 3

I find that consistency at prayer  could lead to a sense of dryness or regulated to a call of duty or has as its centerpiece lists of vain repetition. We get discouraged because daily prayer does not have the “feel” of miraculous prayer, it gets “old”. I have known people to take a list of over 100 people that they use as a prayer tool. They basically read their names to God. We call these people “prayer warriors”. I know people who pray passionately for God to move in a particular situation in their life, but after the answer comes, the passion to pray is greatly diminished. Prayer takes work to keep it  fresh.

I am a veteran at daily prayer and have experienced much of what I just described and more. I want to pray, I really do! I want to see God move! I want God to move people as I intercede for them! What I fail sometimes to see is that prayer is much more than asking.

Prayer is a relationship with the Father, a willingness to spend time with the One who was willing to give His only begotten Son so that this relationship would be possible. Prayer is not a duty or even a Christian discipline, prayer is an opportunity to partake in a heavenly romance. I know God’s Word tells to pray for certain things like daily bread and certain people like our spouse and children. I know we should pray for others until an answer comes. Indeed, there is lots of repetition. It is the romance of prayer that will give freshness! Romance will never get boring. Let me share with you some of the ways I have brought freshness to my prayer life.

  • Add music

Perhaps worship music that you can listen to through an iPod or CD player. Perhaps a song you can sing from a hymn book or song book

  •   Add Scripture

I use an mp3 player, you could use the written word also. Use Scripture that will be personal in its context. The Psalms or the gospels are a good place to start. Switch to another version.

  •   Use the names of God in worship

Look the up, write them down, and speak them out. Hallowed is His name.

  •   Use God’s character traits in worship
  •   Take a particular direction in your worship

ex.- The attributes of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, The personal attributes of His goodness, the supernatural attributes of His holiness.

  •   Allow yourself time to enjoy God’s presence, even if you make no requests
  •  Use devotionals like “My Utmost for His Highness” in the middle of your time with God.
  •    Use different Scripture passages as you pray
  •   Find a book of written prayers that warm your heart

I leave you with a sample of one of Charles Spurgeon’s prayers from his church in London in the late 1800’s. This is a new arrival at my time with God. When it looses its freshness, I will move on to something else.

Please, my brethren, work at freshness in your prayers!

O Lord God, help us now really to worship Thee. We would thank Thee for this occasion. We bless Thy name for setting apart this hallowed season. Lord, wilt Thou shut the door upon the world for us? Help us to forget our cares. Enable us to rise clean out of this world. May we get rid of all its down-dragging tendencies. May the attractions of these grosser things be gone, and do Thou catch us away to Thyself.

We do not ask to be entranced nor to see an angel in shining apparel, but we do ask that by faith we may see Jesus, and may His presence be so evidently realized among us that we may rejoice as well as if our eyes beheld Him, and love Him and trust Him and worship Him as earnestly as we should do if we could now put our fingers into the print of the nails.

O, Thou precious Lord Jesus Christ, we do adore Thee with all our hearts. Thou art Lord of all We bless Thee for becoming man that Thou mightest be our next of kin, and being next of kin we bless Thee for taking us into marriage union with Thyself and for redeeming us and our inheritance from the captivity into which we were sold. Thou hast paid Thy life for Thy people; Thou hast ransomed Thy folk with Thy heart’s blood. Be Thou, therefore, for ever beloved and adored

C.H. Spurgeon’s Prayers.




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