Dancing without a Fiddle

4 04 2013

“He who has hope dances without a fiddle”

Hope is not a pie -in-the-sky wish for the best. It is not the first step to disappointment. Hope is a reality that looks beyond the circumstances to a God that works things together for good. Hope is a person’s rock when their world gets rocked. Hope is holding the hand of a dying person and speak of a land that is fairer than day. Hope is the fuel of the young man who just found out his dad has cancer or the young woman who just lost her baby. Hope is a life lived in faith and as such, many try to discredit its significance.

I can’t help but think that the one without faith is a little jealous that their worldview does not allow much room for hope. It’s a life of dumb luck, time and chance, a world of no ultimate justice, and a death with no afterlife. They call me ignorant to believe in untested theories, but they can not deny that people of faith have hope.

I am not always on top of my game and my humanness finds itself in despair about a tragedy in life that blind-sided me. But when I finally regain my senses, I find that hope gives me a song in the night. It allows me to dance without a fiddle.




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