More than a Statistic

2 04 2013

It has been a while since writing a post on the Mahoning Valley Wall of Honor. This a portable “Wall” displaying the names of soldiers killed in action from Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Below the name is a year of birth and year of casualty. This is much different from the “Wall” in Washington DC in that the ones listed are all local, hailing from our tri-county area in North East Ohio. These are men who went to our High Schools, worked in our businesses, and attended our churches. The wall is a 4×8 piece of oak veneer plywood sitting in a sturdy base that is easily transported to places like schools, malls, and public events.

Through the help of a woman skilled in genealogy, we have added to this project a goal of writing a short bio of the names listed on the wall, along with a picture. We have taken on the motto of, “More than a Statistic”. The men who gave their lives in service to their country are so soon forgotten and become a number and just a statistic for someone’s Google search. The Scripture states that we need to give honor to whom honor is due (Romans 13:7). This Wall and these bio’s will do exactly that.

My next goal is to move on to Korea and WWII. I certainly would be interested in going back to other wars that have accessible info. When these young men died, the community  in some way suffered a loss. The whole community needs to acknowledge that loss and the memory of those who died.

I was on the radio yesterday to spread news about this ongoing project and trying to find help in making it happen. The idea is novel but it needs grassroots support. It needs people with passion and foresight to see that these heroes of our cities, townships, and counties are, “More than a Statistic”.




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