Random Thoughts on the Resurrection

30 03 2013

My mind is always in a state of wonder and awe about the Resurrection. The most wonderful four words ever spoken by man could very well be, “He is risen indeed.” Have a blessed celebration of His Resurrection.

Pastor Dave


What was the exact time of the Resurrection?

When there was an earthquake, did people in Jerusalem feel it?

What kind of weather  on that morning?

Did the Roman guards ever get converted?

What did the air feel like at the site of the tomb?

Was Jesus surrounded by angels when He arose?

Where did Jesus go immediately after He arose?

Were there other scars visible besides His hands and feet?

Was the site of the tomb ever used as a monument or was it destroyed by the shocked Pharisees?

Did Jesus really go to Heaven right after He rose so that He could sprinkle His blood on the heavenly mercy seat?

What was it like in heaven when Jesus arose on that morning?

What was it like ministering in the Temple that morning?

Was it sunny that day?

Did Mary receive a personal visitation that day?

Will that scene be able to be viewed when we get to heaven?







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