22 03 2013

My Uncle on my Dad’s side passed away last night, at about 94. He was my dad’s older brother, taking him under his wing when going through divorce and drunkenness. He was my hero. He allowed us to live in his house when I was a boy of 4-5 when he was in the Air Force. One of my earliest memories was a family visit to Lake Saint Clair in Michigan where he was stationed. He was  a veteran of WW ll. I carry his picture in my Bible to this day of him in his uniform. After he retired, he made me his fishing buddy as a teen  and instilled  his values, character, love for America, and importance of family into me. Uncle Tom was a little rough around the edges, never ashamed to tell what he thought about an issue in very explicit language, but his advice was priceless. He was a survivor of a major heart attack, changing his lifestyle so that he could squeeze as much out of life as the good Lord would give him. He quit smoking, drinking, chewing tobacco, as well as taking up bicycling in his 60’s. he has been in  a Chicago Nursing home for the past 3 years.

He was ready to die and even wondered how he got to live so long. He loved God, he loved his time on earth, and he loved and respected me. Thank you uncle Tom, your memory will ever live on!




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