Sweet AnnaBelle

20 03 2013

Today is the 1st Anniversary of my granddaughter’s stillbirth at 25 weeks. In honor to that eternal soul who I will one day meet and get to know, I wrote this poem. I never read it publicly because of the emotion it raises in me. I put my heart into it as a gift to Annabelle at her memorial service. Honestly, it’s like I could hear her voice and see her smile. Since writing it, no ears have ever heard the words. I read it to my Bible study group at the Air Base yesterday for the first time. It was quite an emotional experience. One day I will hear Annabelle’s response to the poem, I imagine it now: “Thank you papa for loving me through the poem. I love you too.”


Sweet AnnaBelle

Sweet AnnaBelle my AnnaBelle
I loved you from the time,
When news arrived that you would come
In hazy summer time.

Your time had come before your birth
You proved yourself a fighter,
Since Heaven is for real we know,
It got a little brighter

I dream of combing your soft hair,
Admire your warm eyes;
To hold you and to cherish you,
While watching you grow wise.

I long for you, await the time
When faith shall turn to sight.
When I can tell you “I love you”,
Your kiss will I delight.

I think I hear your sweet small voice
Glide smoothly through my mind
And speak from land beyond the earth
All tears and pain behind.

“Don’t fret my passing, God knows best;
I’m safe in Jesus’ arms.
I’ll always be your angel-girl,
Yet suffering no harms.

Can’t wait for you to see me now,
By grace I have such calm.
Don’t be surprised when you get here,
I look just like my mom.

Remember me without regret;
Let go yet hold me dear.
For I’m not gone, I’m really home
Alive and very near.

For even if you cast your bread
To waters deep and dark,
It will return to you again,
God’s Word makes this remark *

Sweet AnnaBelle my AnnaBelle
Your face I long to see,
Yet wait in hope until the day
When I shall come to thee.**

Dave Luther

* Ecclesiastes 11:1, **2 Samuel 12:23




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