6 Dead in Ohio

13 03 2013

On Sunday, about one mile from my church, 6 teens lost their lives in a horrific rollover car crash into a small pond. I have been in shock and contemplation since the accident. My deepest sympathy to the parents, siblings, family, and classmates in the wake of this human tragedy. I really don’t know what led up to this accident, I only know that 6 teens were denied the chance to grow up. I hurt for the loss and our entire community is reeling in its aftermath.

I was at church at the time of the accident, I had just came from my time with God and was preparing for the 11:00 service. I remember looking at my clock at about 7:06 and thought about how fast time was going. It was about that time the SUV had flipped into the pond and 6 teens were trapped under water, thinking the same thing. I went out for a coffee at Dunkin Donuts about 7:35 and heard sirens, but I always hear sirens on this side of town. Just another day, right? I could not be more wrong. After church I found out the news and had a first-hand report from my van driver about roads that were blocked off.

I wonder if I met up with them at one time. I believe one of them attended my church at least once or twice. Did I carry myself as a servant of Jesus? Did I love them like He would love them? Did I share the Good News that they could have the gift of Eternal Life through Him? I hope so because now it is too late. God, help me to value the minutes of life, that so quickly pass, as they did on that fateful morning.




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