22 02 2013

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” Matthew 5:5

One of the most misunderstood of all Christian virtues is that of meekness. We picture the person as timid, unassuming, and soft-spoken. Perhaps we consider them human doormats that sport a t-shirt that reads, “Step on me softly, for I am meek” (with the picture of a shoe-print in the middle). The meek are viewed as easy-going, lacking charisma, and going to great lengths so that they disagree with no one. Then we realize that Moses was meek (Number 12:3), and Jesus was meek (Mathew 11:29). Certainly, they break the stereotype.

So what is meekness? Perhaps it is better described then defined. Evaluate yourself, realizing that meekness is a fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:23).


1. Not easily offended
They have a proper view of themselves, based on how God sees them. It is not an inflated view, based on how they would like others to see them! They are not necessarily thick-skinned; they are just slow to let other people get under their skin.

2. Not always defensive
Offended people get defensive. He believes that the only one worth defending is the One who gives him worth. He has better things to do than defending Himself with those who are always finding fault.

3. Not vengeful
Perhaps the true motive of vengeance is pride. A meek person leaves their rights, their deliverance, and their cause – everything with God. He does not allow vengeance to control him.

4. Not complaining
A meek person realizes that to complain about circumstances is to criticize the One who controls the circumstances. You are more likely to find them encouraging others through their problems than complaining about their own.

5. Content
The meek will inherit the earth perhaps because they learned (Philippians 4:11) to be content with what God has given them while they live on the earth. They do not feel cheated, jealous, or unrecognized.

6. Teachable
A meek person knows that they don’t know and are willing to keep learning. They are open-minded enough to entertain the possibility they could be wrong about a decision they made.

7. Self-disciplined
Meekness is strength under control and the meek know how to control themselves. They are people of character who have learned how to control their own lusts, appetites, and habits.

8. Control of tongue
They understand the tongue’s potential of death and life (Proverbs 18:21) and do a good job controlling it. They do not want to have the last word neither do they use their words as a weapon to slander, gossip, or hurt.




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