Pleading The Fifth

6 02 2013

“Honor thy father and thy mother”. It’s the fifth commandment. We normally take it to mead that children at home are to obey mom and dad (don’t you wish!). Yes, that is part of it, but it also involves respecting our parents no matter what our age.

Someone said that there are four stages of relationships that a child has toward their parents. 1. Idolize 2. Demonize 3. Utilize 4. Humanize. Perhaps you have experienced all four. In time, the roles may even be reversed. So how can you honor your father and mother when you leave home?

1. Hold them in high esteem

Brag about them to your children. Seek their advice, even if you choose not to follow it. Remind them of your love.

  1. Remember them in kindness

We get so involved with life that we often forget about the ones who gave us life and raised us. It’s not intentional, we just have other priorities. Call them, send a card, visit, or pick them up a souvenir while on vacation.

  1. Support them if necessary

They sacrificed for you, there may come a time when you need to sacrifice for them. They may deny them need help because they “have their pride”. Just do it.




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