Let’s Hear It For The Single-Tasker!

24 01 2013

They are elevated by our culture as the efficient ones; they are commended as the hardest workers; they are able to leap tall expectations by managing many irons in the fire; they are the multi-taskers. They are the new super hero of our busy lifestyle. They juggle four or five different areas of responsibility while trying to balance quality time with the family on their head. I can not help but be impressed with the multi-tasker, because I do not belong to their tribe. Many of you don’t. You are not inferior. You are not lazy. You too have the potential for great achievement. Stand up tall, throw your shoulders back, look at the multi-tasker in their ever wandering eyes, and proudly declare; “I am a single tasker!”

When did we ever start using that word anyway? I never remember using it until 15 or 20 years ago. Why don’t we use the word “single-tasker”? Are we embarrassed? Intimidated? Being a true single-tasker has many advantages…

1. They are not easily distracted

They can focus on one task at a time until they are ready to move to the next task. If that one task is their passion, they will excel. They are destined for leadership.

2. They can focus on the person talking to them.

They must put down what they are doing so that they could re-direct their focus. Multi-taskers are good listeners, but you sometimes got to wonder if their mind is truly focused on what is said. Single-taskers are better listeners.

3. They drive with more caution.

They are defensive drivers, they use good judgment. Woe to the single-tasker that uses their cell phone while driving, for they will soon meet their Maker!

4. They take time to think through an issue

If a single-tasker sits down to focus on one issue, they can dive deeper into thought. Trouble is, when they are distracted, that thought flies away like leaves blown by autumn winds.

5. They can claim a number of Bible mentors

a. David was a single-tasker when he said, “one thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after” Psalm 27:4

b. Paul was a single-tasker when he said, “this one thing I do…” Philippians 3:13

c. Jesus recommended being a single-tasker when He said “But one thing is needful” Luke 10:42

I thank God for multi-taskers, but I also thank God for single-taskers. He made both; He uses both. With all the hype going to the multi-tasker, let’s hear if for the single-tasker!




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