Applications from every chapter in Lamentations

16 01 2013

It is a five chapter addendum to the Book of Jeremiah, rather depressing, and not well read. Yet the Scripture is for our profit and learning. I conducted a five-week study in the Book of Lamentations, but will leave you with just the applications. May you be blessed as I was in the study of this small Book.

Chapter 1

1. It helps to make a burden lighter if we find sympathy from a friend. v.16
2. “Whatever our trouble which God is pleased to inflict upon us, we must own that therein He is righteous.” v.18 (Matthew Henry)
3. Putting trust in earthly alliances for security may come back to bite us. v.19

Chapter 2

1. A true prophet declares sin. v.14
2. In our abundance, let us thank God for our food, our freedom, and our children. v.20
3. When judgment falls, the righteous will also suffer. v.22

Chapter 3

1. Hope in the Lord is the highest comfort of the afflicted. v.21-24
2. Israel suffered reproach because of their sin. v.30 Jesus suffered reproach because He became sin. (Luke 22:63-64)
3. The pathway to repentance is to… v.39-41
a. Own up to your sin
b. Re-establish your priorities
c. Surrender your heart
4. Even while in the low dungeon of despair, we can hear our Lord whisper, “Fear not”. v.55-57

Chapter 4

1. It is better to hope in an unseen God than in a seen friend or ally. v.17 (see Hebrews 11:27)
2. It is better to live under the shadow of the Almighty than of earthly leadership. v.20 (see Psalm 91:1)

Chapter 5

1. Sin is generational v.7 and personal 16. Repentance is optional v.21.
2. Repentance, like salvation, is an act of grace that needs received. v.21
3. The Holy Spirit is now God’s agent of turning us. (see John 16:8-15)
4. Lamentations ends in hopelessness. v.22




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