Applications from every chapter in Jeremiah

2 01 2013

Chapter 51

1, Preparation or defense will not prevent Jehovah’s judgment. v.12,53
2. Babylonian rock and roll is recorded in v.25.
3. Verses 39 & 57 are spoken of in Daniel 5.

Chapter 52

1. History is the best exposition of prophecy. (Matthew Henry)
2. The last High Priest until Jesus, is mentioned in v.24.
3. The inspired scribe who wrote Jeremiah 52 could also have written 2 Kings 25, possibly Ezra; Jeremiah was not even alive or in Babylon to write v.31-34, Ezra was both.

I hope these applications in the Book of Jeremiah would be a help to someone who is traveling through this often overlooked Book. I have the complete study that I one day would like to put in a book. Let me know your response to what you have seen so far.

Pastor Dave




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