Applications from every chapter in Jeremiah

27 12 2012

Chapter 46

1. We dare not boast of earthly riches. A fair heifer is bound to become another’s tasty veal. v.20
2. Perhaps a large contingent of Israelis were released to settle in Egypt after God restored Egypt. v.27
3. In the midst of wrath, God remembers mercy. v.27;Hab. 3:2

Chapter 47

1. War is sometimes the sword of the Lord that is used to bring justice. v.6-7
2. The greatest victims of war are children. v.3
3. The Middle East has always been a battle ground for the powers from the North and the South.

Chapter 48

1. Pride has an odor only noticed by others. v.11
2. The wages of pride is sudden destruction. v.43-44;Prov.16:18
3. Pride makes an idol out of self. v.29

Chapter 49

1. God gives wisdom and prudence (discernment) to those who do not honor Him, but holds them accountable for how they use it. v.7
2. Widows and orphans have a special place in the heart of
God. v.11
3. The gospel liberates. v.39 with Acts 2:9

Chapter 50

1. While Jeremiah prophecies of Babylon’s demise, Daniel is working in its palace.
2. Nebuchadnezzar eventually accepted the Most High (Daniel’s God) as his own. (Dan.4:34-37)
3. Belshazzar is referred to in v.43. (Dan. 5:6,9)
4. God sometimes uses earthly armies to exact justice. v.28-29




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