Applications from every chapter in Jeremiah

20 12 2012

Chapter 41

1. “Evil pursues sinners”. (Matthew Henry)
2. The love of money is a strong motivation for the unjust (v.8), the love of mercy should be a strong motivation for the just. (Micah 6:8)
3. Tears are not the best indication of sincerity. v.6

Chapter 42

1. Safety is found in surrender to God and not in scheming with self. v.13-16
2. We will not outrun the consequences of disobedience. v.17
3. One of the easiest persons to fool is yourself. v.20
4. We are not to approach God in prayer with the answer already in mind. v.20

Chapter 43

1. “The proud unhumbled heart of man is one of the most daring enemies God has this side of Hell”. (Matthew Henry) v.3
2. World leaders are God’s servants. v.10

Chapter 44

1. Opinionated men speak with bold words, but a Holy God speaks the last word. v.17
2. No one plans to die in sin, only visit. v.12
3. When it comes to sin, we have a selected memory. v.9
4. The last chapter of rebellion is always written by God. v.27

Chapter 45

1. We serve a personal God.
2. Our tendency is to make adversity greater than reality.
3. In our pain, we must trust God for the bigger picture.
4. Ambitions need to be tempered with humility.




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