Evil at Sandy Hook

15 12 2012

Tragic, absolutely tragic. I wept when I first heard of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Ct.. I hurt for those who have to deal with the pain of such an unspeakable horror. I have a grandson who is the age of the children killed and I can not imagine the loss. My flag is at half-staff to visually show my grief and in support of the families who must live the rest of their life without the one for whom they were living their life.

The question begs asking, “Where was God when this went down?” “How can God allow this to happen?” “If there is a God of love, why is He letting hate rule the day in the lives of such innocent victims?” I hear the pain, the questions are fair. In the foggy haze of my shock, let me try to think this one through and write my thoughts as I go along. Let’s consider…

1. Evil lives
By observing remarks made on Twitter, condolences were offered, followed by bold rants of blame. We always want someone or something to blame. Guns, the NRA, lack of security, politicians, policy, lobby groups, or whatever. The truth is that evil lives.
It could be so deep within a person that not one would be able to detect it until it was too late. Policy or gun control will not legislate evil into submission. It is there, it is ugly, and it is ready to forever change your peaceful life. To some degree, all of us has the potential for evil, although not as horrific. We have a police force to protect us from evil when it raises its head. We have a military to protect us from evil that comes from different shores. Both have the potential to stop evil or at least be a deterrent for evil, but sometimes evil sucker punches us. Evil lives. It is a fact of life that will never go away.

2. Evil points to our need for a Savior
There is no evil in the animal kingdom, just natural instinct or survival reactions. There is a food chain but no criminal activity and certainly no mass killing for no clear reason. Mankind is different and that difference screams for one who can save us from ourselves. Someone who could deliver us from the evil that lives in us all to some degree. God does love us, and that is why He sent a Savior named Jesus.

3. God does not want for evil to triumph
Obviously evil triumphed at Sandy Hook Elementary, but that was not of God nor was it His wish that it happen. It happened because evil reigns on planet Earth, residing deep in the hidden caverns of the human heart. Often we hear that we can not legislate morality, but neither can we legislate away evil. All we could hope for is that it would be stopped, before it steals, kills, and destroys. God did not create man as an evil being, man choose evil and now must live with the consequences of that decision.

4. Many would have stood in that evil day
None of us were there on that fateful morning, but many would run to the defense of these innocent children, even at the risk of their own lives. We are a nation of decent people who would sacrifice anything to protect a child. Now we have to stand in this day to comfort those who mourn.

So help us, God.




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