Applications from every chapter in Jeremiah

11 12 2012

Chapter 36

1. Inspiration of Scripture according to v.8
a. God speaks the Word
b. Holy Spirit inspires the man
c. Man is the ink pen
2. “Enemies may prevail to burn many a Bible, but they can not abolish the Word of God. v.23 (Matthew Henry)
3. Refusing to accept the Word of God does not diminish its truth. v.29


1. We deceive ourselves with false hope (positive thinking). v.9
2. Delay of judgment should not be interpreted as neglect of judgment. v.9-10; 2 Peter 3:4,9
3. There are times when even good men need a low profile and private rest. v.12
4. Suspicion of motives is not grounds for judgment. v.13-14

Chapter 38

1. A sense of judgment is required (Micah 6:8) and rewarded (Jeremiah 39;16-18)
2. The suffering need our companionship and our respect. v.11-12
3. We need to be…
a, Wise as serpents (not telling all we know)
b. Harmless as doves (never telling lies)

Chapter 39

1. “He who chooses the bondage of sin must wear the chains of misery” v.7 (Charles Spurgeon)
2. God has unusual ways of provision and protection of His children. v.14,18
3. Events of the chapter is also in 2 Kings 25:1-12.

Chapter 40

1. Things are not always how they seem. (Jeremiah appeared to be working for Babylon)
2. The heathen can sometimes show more insight than an unrepentant saint v.1-2
3. Being cautious is a better option than being naïve. v.14-16




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