Applications from every chapter in Jeremiah

4 12 2012

Chapter 31

1. Grace is seen more clearly when the circumstances seem more desperate. v.2
2. When God calls, He strengthens. v.8,9
3. “They shall come” (freewill of man); “I will cause” (sovereignty of God). v.9
4. Sleep is a blessing from God to those who trust in His promises. v.26

Chapter 32

1. Jeremiah gave evidence of things not seen (v.10-11), the very definition of faith. (Hebrews 11:1)
2. By human standards, Jeremiah’s ministry was a failure. v. 33
3. In the midst of wrath, God remembers mercy. (Habakkuk 3:3)

Chapter 33

1. Promises are given to encourage prayer. v.3
2. Wickedness cannot be defended by patriotism. v.5
3. The greatest work of grace is forgiveness. v.8
4. The recognition of grace brings joy. v.11
5. The Earth’s spinning on its axis is a guarantee of God’s mercy upon Israel. v.25-26

Chapter 34

1. “A man may die in prison, yet die in peace”. v.5 (Matthew Henry)
2. Sin sets us free to endure its consequences. v.17
3. Security in sin is a temporary hope. v.22

Chapter 35

1. Strong conviction overrides compromising situations.
2. The influence of a godly father spans generations.
3. Obedience is a matter of respect, character, and training.
4. The salvation of Jonadab’s family was personal, generational, and eternal.




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